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The company needed a CFO who can bring leadership, train and restructure the Finance team to pass the imminent external audit, sustain market conditions and gear up for growth.

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Under the leadership of the CFO, the Finance team was able to support the company's double digit growth without increasing its cost base on Finance hire.

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Client’s Background

After an unsuccessful internal audit that highlighted a series of concerns noticeably the adequacy of Finance leadership and the department as a whole, the company needed to fix things fast especially with the external statutory audit approaching in 2 months.

Client Matched

CFO who is a chartered accountant with relevant industry experience and has a good track record on implementing efficient and effective change management from the ground up.


Despite the short time frame, the Finance team was restructured and trained for scalability with accounting records brought up to date that resulted in a successful external audit. Subsequently, the team became the top-performing team and was able to support the company’s double-digit growth year on year for 3 years without incurring any additional cost on hiring.


Increase in team productivity


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