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It is free to sign up with us and have an intro call! Unless you qualify for a free diagnostic and assessment, we require a deposit of only $500, which can be refunded against your first invoice. Within 72 hours of our intro call or assessment, we will propose your match and one-off or retainer engagement plan, with fixed service fees based on the daily rates of the consultant matched to you.

Services fees are quoted as monthly fixed retainer fees. Monthly Services fees are calculated based on the hired consultant's daily rate multiplied by the number of agreed days per month.

We have consultants across different experience levels and location, therefore daily rates can vary across several factors. however, our pricing model is designed to align the goals of the consultant with the affordability of the client by applying daily rate ranges depending on the stage and size of the business. We will work with you to find the right consultant (and therefore daily rate) for your needs and budget. Typically, daily rates fall into the following ranges:

- Tier 1 Startups & Micro-business - ASSOCIATE - USD 156 to USD 240 / FM - USD 480 to USD 516 / CFO - USD 481 to USD 684

- Tier 2 Small Businesses - ASSOCIATE - USD 241 to USD 480 / FM - USD 517 to 648 / CFO - USD 685 to USD 816

- Tier 3 Medium Businesses - ASSOCIATE - USD 481 to USD 564 / FM- USD 649 to USD 816 / CFO - USD 817 to USD 1,140

- Tier 4 Large Businesses - ASSOCIATE - USD 565 / FM - USD 817 / CFO - USD 1,141

No, we charge based on a daily date.

There are no hidden costs. The agreed deposit and service fees are the only payments which will be made. Any additional costs will be agreed upon in writing. You will never be billed for "extra time" without any prior agreement. The Scalable CFO does not store your credit card information and will not charge you any extra fees without explicit approval.


The Scalable CFO is a premium marketplace that allows you to find your company’s finance expert and start your customized engagement (service packages) at a fraction of the market cost.

Engagement with your consultant is on a retainer basis are for a minimum of 6 months. The service package is a commitment to engage with your consultant to improve and address the challenges for a fixed number of days a month.

You can cancel a service package with a 30-day notice period. We need at least one billing period to ensure all data and finance management handovers are completed successfully.

Although there is no defined minimum time to engage with a professional, your service package can include engaging with a consultant for a little as 1 day a month, depending on your business requirements.

Any strategic and operational Finance matters, including but not limited to.

- setting up your Accounting Operations and Accounting systems / Finance digital transformation

- Financial Modelling, Forecasting, Budgeting & Planning

- building business reporting processes for decision making

- developing stakeholder reporting,

- preparing for exits or Mergers & Acquisitions, - supporting stakeholder meetings & communications,

- managing cash flow and raising capital

- managing risk & compliance,

- improving performance and setting KPIs,

- Financial Advisory, coaching or mentoring.

Bookkeeping services can be included in your service package. Occasionally we have promotional packages that include bookkeeping services. Enquire with our team at [email protected] to find out if you are eligible for any promotional package.

Yes, the service package including the scope of work and delivery timeframes can be amended; any adjustments will be confirmed in an amended agreement to be signed by both parties.

In the first instance, the consultant(s) will always maintain information and deliverables using your in-house data room/file directory (where applicable). In addition, the consultant(s) will maintain information and deliverables on the Scalable CFO’s platform to support diagnostic tracking and measurement activities. This process ensures business continuity using a safe and secure platform for the client, The Scalable CFO & its consultants.

We take data protection and security very seriously. To exercise data protection we’re committed to:

- Restricting and monitoring access to sensitive data

- Developing transparent data collection procedures

- Training employees and consultants on online privacy and security measures

- Building secure networks to protect online data from cyberattacks

- Establishing clear procedures for reporting privacy breaches or data misuse

- Including contract clauses or communicate statements on how we handle data

- Establishing data protection practices (data encryption, frequent backups, access authorization etc.)

The Scalable CFO packages are fully customizable and can include any service, including only the specific services which you require. These service packages always include what is defined and agreed upon in the Scope of Work.

We are a premium marketplace, meaning that we use technology to match the best fit Professionals to the SME and oversee quality of work. We use our proprietary methodology to match based on:

- Personality screening of SMEs and Professional

- Understanding of each SME needs and building a health score on the business prior to match.

After we make a match we ensure quality by:

- Assigning vetted finance professionals (individuals or teams) at different levels and assigning specific tasks based on the role and scope.

- Facilitating the transfer of files through our “growth file” based on best practice audit guidelines with activity scoring to incentivise improvement in the financial health of the company

- Giving the ability to assign tasks and monitor deliverables.


On average, we can match you to consultants and assign the team within 2 business days. This may take longer depending on your specific requirements.

Yes, you will meet the consultant for an initial consultation session before starting the engagement.

From the moment your deposit is settled, you can start working with your consultant, you have 2 weeks to assess how you work together. We take pride in our guarantee policy, therefore if you are not satisfied, we will find you an alternative consultant at no additional cost.

Working with the Consultant

There are no specific requirements for the initial consultation. The consultant will guide you on requirements throughout the engagement period. For example, providing the consultant with access to your accounting system is expected for the engagement period.

This is dependent on your preferences and we will aim to meet your business requirements. The Scalable CFO offers both remote and on-site working options.

In the event that a Client offers a Consultant permanent employment resulting from the service of the Consultant which was established through the relationship with the Company, the fee is 20 percent (%) of the gross annual income to the Consultant and is payable by the Client. This does not include equity, medical and life insurance, performance-related commissions or performance-related bonuses.

If the Finance leader leaves, for whatever reason, we will match you with a new consultant and provide you with a replacement ensuring timely business continuity. Our policy protects you from sudden disruptions to the work schedule, as all our consultants are required to provide a 90 day written notice if they decide to end the engagement.

Yes, you can contact the consultant even on the days which fall outside the agreed/scheduled engagement days. Our consultants are reachable at all times by phone, email and online chat via the virtual platform.

The preferred method to contact the consultant is by using the online chat feature on The Scalable CFO’s virtual platform. The designated virtual workspace is a means to maintain official communication notification between Consultants, team members and Clients. The purpose is to maintain important working files and milestones to be clearly communicated between members of the engagement.

We understand you may already have external accounting teams in place to complete certain tasks. In order to execute finance transformations quickly, it is preferable that the bookkeeping records are easily accessible, especially during times when support from the service provider is required. With this in mind, consultants are qualified and experienced to integrate seamlessly with your existing teams and finance structure.

Clients have a set number of engagement days they are entitled to every month as agreed in the Proposal. If you and the consultant agree to reschedule the deliverables and allocate more working days in the initial months for the purpose of prioritizing and maximizing delivery efforts for a specific task, we will be happy to “borrow” the allocated time from the following month. The consultant will track the allocated effort and let you know how close you are to reaching the total number of allocated days for the engagement as per the agreement. At that time, you may wish to extend the services or amend the scope of services with us.


Through our network of professionals, we provide a packaged or standalone Financial Management and CFO services. We serve as trusted flexible finance resource to your company when you cannot afford or need to hire a resource full-time. We help businesses get finacilally fit. See our case studies for more information.

We will replace the consultant for no additional charge in the case of temporary contracts. In the case of a permanent hire we will conduct a search at the standard fee. Our professionals have a 90 day notice period. This is to ensure that there is a smooth transition and handover with the new assigned professionals. We encourage using the portal to store any Finance work so that there is always a copy of the work that is retained.

We have different levels of Finance leaders including, Accountants, Controllers, Finance Managers, CFOs. We will work out the most suitable level of experience to match you to by consifdering a number of factors such as company size, age and industry.

A bookkeeper or accountant manages the company’s books and records and is responsible for the transaction processing in a company and reporting on those transactions. Key characteristics:

- Focus is on recording and reporting on past events.

- The role does not get involved in any other areas of the business and is purely focused on recording and reporting the numbers

- Tells you what has happened. i.e. “What is…”

The Scalable CFO offers Senior Financial Manager or CFO services which provide foresight and a big picture view of the business. Key characteristics:

- A proactive role since it is concerned with the company’s future financial success

- Has a commercial approach and can advise of the financial impact of all aspects of the company's operations

- Advises on what you should do. i.e. “What if…” *

As a business owner you may be in need of our services if you can relate with any of the following:

- You have recurring cash management and other Finance operational problems.

- You lack detailed financial data that is critical to making sound business decisions.

- You wear many hats and need to delegate Financial responsibility so that you can focus on building your company

- You need a sounding board to validate strategy, critical decisions, and people issues

- You recognize the need for a CFO but do not want, do not need or cannot afford to employ a full-time CFO.

We are currently based in the United Arab Emirates but our reach is global. If you have any special requirement please contact us.

The nature of the services that we offer and value is not limited to a specific industry. Our job is to bring financial management expertise to the table. We take pride and are trained to be able to develop an understanding of any industry or technology quickly. We employ a detailed continuous discovery process throughout our engagements to be able to understand your business and its environment. Read more about how we work.

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