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CEO needed to understand the implications of Double Tax Treaties on his commercial agreements and minimize exposure to taxes.

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With the help of The Scalable CFO the client reduced withholding tax rate to 0% in a key market.

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Client’s Background

After successfully raising their investment and securing a major global distribution contract CEO and founder of an Insuretech SaaS business found himself in a dilemma where he was potentially exposed to withholding taxes. He set out to get some support in understanding his tax implications and review his pricing terms to move the business forward in a commercially viable way.

Consultant Matched

A Chartered Accountant with experience in building Financial Infrastructure from the ground up, who also understood the client’s operations owing to the relationship as Part-Time CFO.


The Part-time CFO researched regulations and analysed the client’s commercial terms to understand potential tax implications and classify the revenue correctly. The Part-time CFO also worked with the CEO to identify tax experts and engage in complex discussions to arrive at a commercial solution that saved the customers expensive Big 4 consulting fees. Moreover, he had peace of mind that he was not exposed to taxes and would maintain his margins.


Margin Losses Saved in key market


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