Naseba 11th CFO Strategies Forum MENA

The search term "blockchain has grown over 300% this year on Google Trends. It won’t be long before company boards will be quizzing CFOs on what their Blockchain strategy is. It is critical for CFO's to start having conversations about how this new technology will impact businesses. With this rocket fuel for innovation how do you account for it given the limited regulatory guidance? What does it mean for the profession and the stakeholders? We thought no better opportunity to explore this than with industry CFOs at the Naseba 11th  CFO Strategies Forum MENA 2017.

We will be hosting a roundtable with guest speaker Christopher Fernandez, CEO of Block Gemini and blockchain expert. Chris was one of the offspring of the dotcom boom and he started his first online business at the age of 15, eventually receiving seed funding from a networking pioneer. In this roundtable will kick off with a fascinating insight into the world of blockchain, smart contracts and token marketplaces and their uses to start a conversation on the complexities surrounding this topic. 

The Roundtable will be held on Day 1 of the forum taking place on 15th  - 16th  November 2017.  Over two days, the forum brings together over 120 Chief Financial Officers, CEOs and industry experts to discuss industry trends, catalyse the region’s continuous growth and provide them with unparalleled networking opportunities. Fetchr's cofounder, Joy Aljouny is one of the keynote speakers at the forum, in addition to Geoffrey White, the CEO of Agility Africa.

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