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I have revenue but is my business doing well?

I scaled my business, now what are my options?


Financial Analysis

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Exit and Growth Strategy Advisory



A new business owner approached us after becoming concerned about the future direction of her company, following a period of accelerated growth.

Initially excited by her success she was soon overwhelmed by the huge increase in workload and she needed help in deciding whether to continue as a sole trader or to explore a buy-out option from a larger organization.

This was a time critical proposition and we needed to provide her with an in-depth understanding of how her business was performing financially.

Our Solution

We provided our client with the following:

  • An analysed historical to uncover true business performance

  • Development of a defined gross margin structure which allowed for easier and simpler product and retailer pricing

  • Development of a dynamic financial model based on the product pipeline - tailored for E-commerce, corporate and traditional retail distribution channels

  • Calculation of the value of the business based on the client’s projected growth plan

  • Identification of key operational strengths that could be leveraged

  • Coaching on how to interpret financial data and the impact this data has to determine an accurate valuation


This extensive and important evaluation provided insightful information to increase the business owner’s confidence as she was able to understand the key metrics of her business.

We also provided her with a reliable and flexible forecasting toolset enabling her to assess future operational scenarios and to become assertive and in control of her decision making.