Early stage Seed Pre-revenue


Do I have sufficient financial knowledge?

Is my structure aligned with my financial goals? 


CFO Mentorship

Financial Analysis

Financial Model


Exit and Growth Strategies



Our client is a seasoned entrepreneur and branding expert but she required some professional expertise to help her achieve a significant improvement in her financial understanding and awareness of her business demands.

Her travel business needed some structured financial planning to help develop her e-commerce goals, plus ongoing access to our resources, as and when she felt the need for some support along the way.

Our Solution

We provided our client with the following:

  • Periodic access to CFO expertise over the business planning period

  • Support in developing a research backed financial model to expand B2B, SaaS and B2C model integration

  • Expertise in marketing funnel revenue build and optimal price and product mix analysis


With her new found awareness our client is now confident in both her decision making and in her goals for the direction of the business. Her need to call upon us reduces as her confidence in managing and understanding her business grows, and her investment in securing our support is already evident.

What our client had to say;

“The value of having a CFO level of expertise in a start-up contributes significantly to the probability of success. The Scalable CFO team have been able to help us understand our pricing model to create a solution that is profitable.”