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Seed-funded Insurtech Platform


How do I safe-guard my investment?

How do I meet my operational and investors needs?


Accounting Clean-up

Financial Modelling and Accounting Infrastructure

Investor reporting



Our client approached us after successfully achieving their investment target, enabling them to begin focusing on operations.

However, despite their initial accomplishment they had limited financial acumen and were struggling to access the appropriate support to move their business forwards. They required core governance, and statutory and finance support, to lay a solid foundation and intelligently grow their company.


Our Solution

We provided our client with the following:

  • Identification and implementation of specific post-raise finance projects- creating a dynamic cap table, building a pipeline-driven financial model that aligned with both short term and long term operational plans, developing investor reporting

  • Ongoing operational support focused on accounting clean up and setting up of best practice procedures, relevant to the stage and level of activities in the operation


We instilled a culture of awareness and assessment of the financial impact in decision making, and we encouraged the involvement of key employees.

This greater depth of understanding has brought structure and order to the finance function.

This massive shift in culture, and shared sense of ownership, has boosted shareholder confidence in the financial management of the invested funds and the client is thrilled with their growing ROI.