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I need the right CFO to lead the team.

How can I improve productivity and efficiency?



Team Restructuring


Streamlined Process




Our client’s company has been operating the region for 9 years and they were becoming increasingly aware of the need to build an agile and robust finance team to best manage the impact of macro-economic conditions.

The political climate, regulatory and compliance developments, market softening, and VAT implications, were becoming increasingly challenging so they approached us for expert advice on how best to facilitate and achieve their regional expansion plans.

Our Solution

We provided our client with the following:

  • Restructuring of the finance team to ensure enhanced efficiency

  • Identification of the company’s operational needs to enable expansion and regulatory compliance

  • Provision of leadership, skill and expertise to support the team in confident decision making


Our implemented streamlined processes promoted client confidence which, in turn, have generated enhanced efficiency, awareness, accountability, and responsibility across the team.

They have reported increased productivity, due to the flexible and robust system we executed. Their enhanced timely reporting quickly resulted in an improved cash position and they are now confident to execute their plans to expand.