Early stage seed pre-revenue


How do I price across the various revenue channels?

How do I demonstrate the value in my business?


Data Analysis

Saas and SDK  Financial Model

Business Case Model

Valuation with Investor Return Analysis



Our client was in need of an experienced CFO to help them finalize their fundraising material in preparation for their Pre-series A round.

Our client had to demonstrate that they had the ability to create a revenue generating model, and a profitable business case, clearly and objectively to potential investors.

We were able to step in and provide our skills and expertise without the need for our client to go to the added expense of retaining a full time CFO.

Our Solution

We provided our client with the following:

  • Production of a robust forecast model, specifically designed to support our client’s fundraising efforts, based on their growth data

  • Identification of a combination of SaaS and licensing pricing

  • Creation of a revenue model to reflect precise commercial terms

  • Calculation of a valuation impact, with deal option and ROI analysis


A clear win for our client. This was a cost effective solution as, with our support, they were able to confidently articulate that their business was financially viable and with our guidance on structuring the deal, had the confidence to present the deal terms to prospective investors.

What our client had to say;

“Being able to apply what we have learned has had a profound effect on our trajectory as a business, and our ability to execute goals that made financial sense.”