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We All Have a Story to Share

Have you ever had one of those head‑slapping, ‘a‑ha!’ moments?


We owe our story to our early clients. They opened up our eyes to the struggles of SMEs. We saw first hand that traditional professional service models were making it impossible for SMEs and micro-businesses to even dream of affording quality professional services. We also realised that, with limited resources available to a growing businesses and the sensitive nature of Finance, SMEs simply cannot afford to hire the wrong talent.

Inspired by our early customers, in 2016, The Scalable CFO was born. Since then we have made it our mission to make Finance expertise accessible. We established the first member only network of pre-screened Finance experts connected by their passion and their commitment to quality work and transparency. 

In 2018, we went digital, launching our online platform that leverages our unique holistic approach for perfect match combinations.

Image credit: Democrance

Image credit: Democrance

Your Story

The Scalable CFO was conceived with the idea of supporting businesses that inspire and strive for global impact. Simply put, without your story, there are no numbers. We know there is better way for Independent Finance Professionals that have an entrepreneurial spirit to meet, collaborate and be a part of the journey of these business owners.

We focus on transformative technology to drive our commitment to promoting sustainable, equitable economic growth, creating greater opportunities for all, reducing inequalities in the workplace and fostering inclusion.



Our Team

The people making all this happen


Oreabetse Matlhare 

Founding Partner

CA(SA), "Big 4" alumna, +10 years Multinational & Pan-industry Audit & Financial Management, The Creativity Advocate. 

Fadi Halwani

Founding Partner

CMA, BBa, +10 years Multinational Corporate Finance and Consumer Goods, The Strategist.

Linda Luu

Founding Partner

FCCA, +15 years Regulated Financial Services, 5 years C-Level Experience, The Sounding Board.


Usman Malik


IT architect specialist, +6 years experience in building startups, a forward thinker on all things AI and Blockchain.

Boipelo Matlhare 


+7 years in management communication, a social advocate who bridges the gap between people and operations.